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So Much Has Happened!!!

I don’t know why we are still amazed at the blessings God gives and the work He is doing!

After our last post, we went to downtown Rio and fed some of the homeless men and women there.  They gather for the night in front of a well lit bank building where it’s safer because they are visible.  Pastor Sergio sang and preached, and then the group moved among the people and prayed for them individually before we fed them sandwiches and chocolate milk.  Several men prayed the “Sinner’s Prayer” for the first time!

Two days ago (Friday), we started off the day by watching Brazil get beat in the World Cup. The Brazillians truly are crazy for soccer! They were blowing trumpets and horns and the ladies wore glasses in the shape of soccer balls! The couple that hosted us, Carla and Marcello, were so kind to open their beautiful home to us.  Carla’s mom fixed a magnificent spread for us to eat; cakes, dips, soup, sandwiches, and chili after the game with ice cream for dessert. 

We continued the day by going to Rio das Pedras and finished our VBS outreach.  That night, the church at Rio das Pedras performed a drama to music, then Shelly gave her testimony and Bart preached based on Romans 3:22-24. 

Yesterday, while the women got a break at the beach, the men (as well as Sam and Amber K.) went to Polinter de Neves prison with Pastor Sergio, Pastor Jay and the Rio de Paz organization.  After getting lost on the way there, we finally arrived and Jay joined Sergio, who had already begun the service, in worship.  Then Sergio preached and four men came to Christ!  They had communion, and then returned to their cells.  Amber K, who is a nurse, assisted with the local doctors and nurses doing check-ups on some of the prisoners.

When the group joined back up, we went back to Sitio to do a service for the children and Sergio did a service for the adults.  Five women came to Christ last night!   After the service we distributed supplies we brought (wash clothes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap and many other items).  We served the adults cake and soda and the children ate hotdogs.  We did a head count of the children and there were 100! Pastor Jay said they had never had so many people show up to the service we held at their church.  We then returned to Barra church to eat dinner, and Pastor David (the youth pastor) led a service with a wonderful message.  After the service, hot dogs were provided and the locals and Americans had good fellowship.

This morning the team had to pack our bags because we are leaving to go to Cabo Frio.  Pastor Ryan preached at both Barra services, and we arrived for the second one.  After the service, we had a fundraiser lunch for the church with rice, beans and meat, and salad. 

Now, we are having a bit of down time to recharge our batteries before heading back to Rio das Pedras for our last service there.  And tonight, after the service we are taking a long drive through the night to a place called Cabo Frio. 

Thanks to all of you, again, for all of your prayers!  We know they are helping us.  There are a couple of things you can pray about.

1) Continued unity for our team and patience with one another.

2) Pray for a miracle tonight that God would draw the people of Rio das Pedras to the church there, and that many will come to know Christ.

3)Pray for continued safety as we drive around Brazil.

Thank you, and God bless!

Heading out to feed the homeless

Josh and Julian, who work at Barra church, praying for a homeless man

Amber H. in Brazillian soccer glasses

Kids at Rio das Pedras

Bart preaching at Rio das Pedras & Ana interpreting

The beach the ladies went to, Barra beach

The church was filled at Sitio

Congregation at Barra church this morning


On left, Ryan's interpreter, Ryan and Jay

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We are So Blessed!

Greetings friends and family!  We hope you are well.  Today, we went to a community called Sitio in a city called City of God.  This name is ironic because so many of the people do not know God.  We saw a, for lack of a better word, shack that was a house of witchcraft.  This community is different from Rio das Pedras because most of their homes are made of garbage.  There were some with walls made of discarded laminate flooring and discarded doors.  Some had no roofs.  Some had no walls.  They burn their trash in the middle of the walking paths and have only one source of water, next to a contaminated river. 

The good news is that they are building a church among the community.  We met a woman named Aurora, who was the only missionary there for years.  She prayed and cried out to God for help.  Last year, she received the answer to her prayer in Crosspointe’s mission group, and she now has a constant flow of missionaries coming to help.  God does indeed answer prayers!

The building they are now using for a church used to be a place where druglords had people executed. You can still see all of the bullet holes in the walls.

This evening we went back to Rio das Pedras and played more with the kids.  Roger gave a lesson about the fall of man and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden.  Tomorrow we are going to be talking about Redemption and doing some activities related to that.  The kids and some of the parents are very receptive to our outreach.  They come up to us speaking to us even though we have no idea what they are saying.  They hug us and say, “Eu te amo,” which means, “I love you!”  They are as much, if not more, a blessing to us as we are to them.  They help teach us how to be kids again.  They cannot get enough of the Chicken dance! 

Following will be some pictures of our journey thus far.  God bless you all, and thank you for visiting the site.


Pews in Sitio church building


Children during worship at Rio das Pedras

Children listening to Gabriel, one of our translators.

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Greetings from Brazil!!!

We made it!  Even with a three hour delay, God still got us to Brazil to spread the Gospel.  Everyone has a wonderful, Christ centered attitude, and we are ready to start with the outreach.   Last night, we went Sugar Loaf Mountain and had a brilliant view of downtown Rio de Janeiro.  It was a wonderful opportunity for the group to have some fellowship together, and get to know each other.  Today, we got to go to Jay’s church to kick off VBS.  We started with a worship service, then broke into groups to care for the children of the adults that stayed in the worship service.  After some time playing with the children, we ate lunch, and now we are headed to Rio das Pedras.  


Kids at VBS

View from Sugar Loaf Mountain

  Pray for us that God will help us reach people, and that they will be receptive to God’s word. 





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It’s Almost Here!

Alright folks, the clock is counting down.  Less than one week to go until we head to Brazil!  Please be praying for and with us during this time of preparation.  We just want to thank everyone for all their help in supporting us with their time, finances, and prayers.  We are looking forward to showing you all that we are doing when we get down there.  So, stay tuned to see what happens when the Gospel goes forth into the world!

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Golf Tournament coming up in 2 days

Hey everybody!  Our last fundraiser for Brazil is coming up this Saturday, the 5th of June.  Make sure to buy your Mulligans!  We hope everybody has a great time.

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Spaghetti Luncheon was great!

Sunday May 30 was our Spaghetti Luncheon and silent auction.  We were very pleased with the turn out and and a lot of people won great prizes.  We’d like to give our heartfelt thanks for all the companies and people that donated their time and services for the auction, as well as all the companies that gave us gift cards and all the people that made desserts for the raffle.  We hope everyone had a good time and some good fellowship!  Thanks for coming out to help support CrossPointe’s vision for spreading the Gospel in Brazil!

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Don’t forget to buy your tickets


Tickets are $5 for ages 11 and up, $3 for 3-10.  The luncheon will follow our second service, so it should start around 12:30.  We can’t wait to see everyone there.  We are really hoping this will be more than a means of making money for the trip, but a great time of fellowship and fun for our entire church family.  For those of you that didn’t buy your tickets the previous two Sundays, we will be selling tickets at the door.  Remember to bring your checkbook or cash.  We don’t accept credit cards.

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Another success for fundraising

The carwash went off without a hitch!  We had plenty of people and raised some money to go towards our team.  Thank the Lord for sunscreen.  Thanks to everyone that was praying for us and those of you that came to help us!

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Carwash tomorrow!

Alright folks, the big carwash is tomorrow!  So, if your car is in need of a bath come to the McDonald’s on Narcoossee at Lee Vista (it’s right in front of the Kohl’s and Home Depot). It will be from 10-2 on the 22 of May.   It will be free, but we are depending on donations to assist us with the Brazil mission trip.

We hope to see you all there!

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Rummage Sale a Success!

On May 8, the Brazil Mission team had a rummage sale to raise funds for the trip.  We had a lot of great stuff donated and the crowds turned out to grab up all the deals they could!  We had a refrigerator, washing machine and dryer, electronics, clothes, books, and much much more donated to the cause.  Thank you to all the people that gave us items to help with the trip.  And if any of you came by to purchase or even browse, we thank you even more for that.

Liz and Mark in the shade

Here are some pictures of the set up and the people that helped work the rummage sale.

Some of the stuff for sale

John and Shelly

Mark and Sam

Bart and Amber

Roger bringing in some business

Ryan and John on sign duty

Chris and Mark enjoying some shade time

Amber doing business with a customer

Sam and Rachel cruising the sale

The trip is coming up soon, and we still need all the prayers we can get!  Coming up on May 30 is the Spaghetti luncheon, so make sure you purchase those tickets!  $5 for adults 11 and up, and $3 for children 3 – 10.

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